Youth Guidance

At StrideYourPassion, we are engaged much beyond basketball. We use basketball to help our clients grow & develop into polyvalent athletes and persons. 

Win the day

Fuel your Passion with Discipline & Raise your Basketball Game and Life, Day after Day.

The bible for any basketball player and parents! 

Sport Psychology

Gain a mental edge with many easy to apply concepts for practice and competition.

Talent Development

Reach your given potential faster by applying some simple talent development tricks.

Motivation and Resilience

Get motivated by numerous stories of player who beat the odds to reach their dreams.


Enjoy a workbook dedicated to help you apply the MyStride Approach.

10 things this book will teach you

Learn how to…

Increase your discipline and consistency.

Build and implement a life-changing training management system.

Approach practice with a development mindset instead of a result mindset.

Gradually change the beliefs about yourself and your game, increasing your self-confidence.

Avoid the common mistakes that keep players from developing.

Make time to learn new skills, one day at a time (even with a packed schedule).

Get back on track when you get off course.

Use visualisation to complement your practices and get ready for competitions.

Focus on the process rather than the outcome.

Most importantly, how to put it all in practice on the court and in life.

Get your copy

Don’t wait any longer! 

Meditations / Visualisations

Your Mental Preparation! 

Young athletes spend most of their time training their physical body… but what differentiate average and elite athletes is the mind!

We worked with a professional mindfulness teacher to create specific meditations/visualisations to help players develop their game and their mind. On top of the benefits on the court, it is proven that visualisation boots a vast array of cognitive functions beyond the basketball court. 

Develop your shot

Game Confidence

Game Day


13 to 21 years old

In-season, off-season

from simple consultations to 10 weeks program

So many are looking for a life of personal performance, but few are able to guide the youth down that path (because so few live it!). With the MyStride Mentorship, we follow and guide athletes through an individualised and holistic program to develop their basketball, athletic, and mental game.

In a world in which the youth is bombarded with fast pace and instant results messages, we aim to work on the long term and in a holistic way to build a much more complete athlete physically, technically, and mentally.

Using an elaborated 3-step process, we help our players understand the power of continuous and conscientious small actions, the ability to self-reflect, and learn how to turn their vision into actionable steps. Bonus, the knowledge and skills developed throughout the mentorship is applicable for a lifetime.

Trusted by Thousands Client

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Happy Clients

“It’s extremely important to have a deep love for the game to take on every obstacles that will come your way. This book will keep you on the path, strengthen your love, and heighten your focus on the the short term and long term.”

Billy Baron
Billy Baron

Euroleague player, Milano, Italy

“Just a great book for basketball guys…”

Alex Blessing
Alex Blessing

Professional Player, Kuwait

“Christophe’s daily dedication and incredible work ethic made him win each day and helped him become one of the best shooters in NCAA basketball. His book can help inspire basketball players of all ages.”

Andy Enfield
Andy Enfield

Head Coach, USC Trona (NCAA Pac 12)

“The MyStride Approach has the power to change one’s destiny”

Chase Fieler
Chase Fieler

Professional Player, Europe, Japan

“Win the Day took me back to the times I was dreaming of a basketball future. The examples were on point and complemented any concepts nicely. I recommend this book to athletes of all ages and levels.”

Jonathan Kazadi
Jonathan Kazadi

Professional Player, Switzerland National Team

“If you are a parent, your kids will rebel against your advices. They will however follow the guidance of guys they can admire and relate to.”

Mark Vine
Mark Vine

Parent of competitive players

“Christophe provides some great insights and strategies for players to maximize their potential. Any player looking to dedicate their lives to improving their basketball game can truly benefit from this book.”

Eric Bovaird
Eric Bovaird

Head Coach, Chaminade University

“Win the Day is an inspiring read, filled with so much knowledge and guidance for aspiring basketball players.”

Kristina Santiago
Kristina Santiago

Former Professional player (eurocup) and NCAA coach, Cal Poly All-Time leader in points and rebounds