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Basketball training Camps all year long.

SYP Basketball Camps

The StrideYourPassion training camps are designed to fit the physical and psychological development of young basketball players and offer a well adapted basketball curriculum aimed at athletic improvement, skills development and understanding of basketball and team concepts. 

The level of players who attend the SYP training camps ranges from beginners to the very elites of basketball in Switzerland. Over the last 5 years, we have been trusted by over 30 current and former Switzerland Youth National Team members. 

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Our camps are open to boys and girls, aged 8 to 17 years old. Beginners who do not play in clubs and who are between 8 and 14 years old are very welcome. We also often organize elite groups for the most motivated and the top talents of the region.

Running & Upcoming camps

*If you wish attend only select days because of other conflicting activities, or arrange a different schedule than the one proposed, please contact us directly.

**Because kids have different tasts, we offer the possibility for everyone to bring their own lunch and not be charged for the camp’s lunch.

SYP Sunday Trainings
SYP Summer Fest I


SYP Summer Fest II

373.-/CHF Camp

240.-/CHF Elite Week

SYP Bienne Basketball Camp

365.-/CHF Camp

195.-/CHF Elite

MyStride Mentorship

SYP Sunday Trainings

Introduction to Basketball for Beginners (7-14 yr old)

We offers the possibility for beginner players who do not play for a club to receive a fun and high quality introduction to basketball. The SYP Sunday Trainings is the perfect place to get a taste of basketball.

Extra Practices for Junior Club Players (7-14 yr old)

Club players are often looking for extra opportunities to perfect their skillset. We offer the possibility for extra practice time focused purely on player’s skills and athletic development.

Shooting & Skills for advanced players

Team practices often fail to provide the necessary time to focus on individual skills. We offer the follow through necessary to help players develop individually through repetitions.


Salle du Couchant Ch. du Couchant 1, 1260 Nyon


2024-25 schedule coming soon.

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2024-25 dates coming soon


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2024 Fall Semester


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