Non-Profit Association

It is after SYP Founder Christophe Varidel took a trip to Guinea-Bissau in 2017 that the idea of funding a non-profit association was born.

Why couldn’t SYP make a difference beyond the frontiers of Switzerland?

In 2018, the SYP Basketball Academy was born, and the preparation for our first project in Bissora, Guinea-Bissau started.

After a great success in Guinea-Bissau, we took on a very ambitions project in Tanzania  which was completed (not without pain) during the course of 2022. 

Today, we are committed to keep supporting the communities we were engaged with over the past five years.

Learn more about the work accomplished from 2018 up until now in the report bellow. 

We are very fortunate to live in a place where infrastructures are adequate for the practice of sport. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone around the world. We can not fix the world, but we can help some people…. 


The town of Bissorã, Guinea-Bissau holds a special place in our heart.

After conducting the renovations of the public playground at distance, we flew on spot in December 2018 to conduct coaching workshops and a 5-day basketball camp for the youth of the town.

The time we spent in Bissora was easily one of the most meaningful experience of our lives.

Cherry on the cake, the Academy perdured and basketball is now one of the main sports in Bissora. Today, the Academy holds 4 teams and about 40 boys and girls, and regularly competes in tournamants around the country.


It is in 2019 that we have started to plan an ambitious project in Ukonga, Tanzania. 

The plan was to build from scratch a basketball court for the community of Ukonga, a known basketball program struggling to gain court access. 

After securing the necessary amount of over $15’000, we worked through a local construction partner to build a count for the Juhudi Secondary School. 

The construction was halted multiple time due to different on spot problems, but it was finally completed during the summer of 2022. 

Read more about the process of building this basketball count on the report.